Published May 26, 2014

SailPilot App

SailPilot App

SailPilot is the first mobile Greek Waters Pilot. The app concerns all sailing enthusiasts and yachting professionals looking for navigation instructions for safe Sailing in Greece, in addition to nautical charts. The app includes information about navigational points of interest and instructions for departure and arrival to ports and all other marine shelters such as marinas, small harbors, gulfs, bays, and coves.

The app includes Nautical Charts and enables users to quickly navigate to points of interest and read information such as sailing directions, moorings, safety info, local weather forecasts, winds, sea currents, boat suppliers, local authorities, healthcare, contact info, navigation dangers, conspicuous points and other nautical instructions for locations.

The app includes libraries that may purchased separately for the Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, Sporades, Myrtoan Sea, North-east Aegean, Saronic Islands, Corinthian Gulf, and Crete sailing areas, while Cyclades would be released in early 2017.

The app includes information about 450 islands, 1150 islets, 500 ports, 450 small harbors, 40 marinas, 150 fishing shelters, 950 capes, 65 channels, 250 navigational dangers, 900 gulfs, 850 coves, 100 straits, 150 lighthouses, and many more points of navigational interest.

While using the app, for each area and point of interest along with the text there is a nautical chart, which allows the user to realize easily the current position related to the point of interest. Moreover, the app contains a large number of photographs for selective POIs and detailed satellite photos & sketches for ports' layouts.

The SailPilot app that you may purchase the sailing areas libraries separately is also available to download from Apple Store and Google Play.